On March 26th, Y Combinator (YC) showcased its largest batch to date. This was the third time YC held its Demo Day via a live stream and the second time the entire program was held virtually. It was a full-day event where a record number of startups, 319, pitched their projects to invited investors. It was a long day both for startups and investors (and for the YC team).

The Demo Day started with the presentation of Geoff Ralston, President of Y Combinator, who gave a snapshot of the YC Community.

Here are some numbers that he mentioned below. From…

Consumer Electronics Show — CES was held on 11–14 January, all-digital for the first time in its history. Last year, more than 170,000 people attended CES. This year, over 80,000 attendees participated in the event over an online conferencing tool. According to CES, keynotes were viewed more than 3M.

CES showcased companies including manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems, and more. There were many sub-events as well. One of our favorite ones was Wired Magazine’s. Here are key takeaways from our favorite panels of that event:

“The Virtual Workforce: The Shifting Paradigm of What…

As part of its mission to connect enterprises with startups and emerging technologies, Maxitech hosted the Softtech GPT-3 Hackathon from February 12th to 14th. This event, the first to feature GPT-3 from OpenAI in Turkey, introduced the technology to Softtech, Turkey’s leading tech company.

Created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. OpenAI is a San Francisco-based and founded company by Elon Musk, Sam Altman (the founder of Y-Combinator), and others, who collectively pledged $1 billion. Elon Musk stepped down…

Fintech has become more popular than ever due to Covid-19. As the World Economic Forum highlights, “Financial technology (fintech), playing a critical role in reducing coronavirus risks associated with exchanging cash, helping micro, small and medium enterprises and supporting financial inclusion in developing markets during the pandemic and beyond.”

Better Tomorrow Ventures (BTV), a $75M fintech-focused VC fund based in San Francisco, invests in pre-seed and seed startups. Founders of BTV Sheel Mohnot and Jake Gabson believe that financial technology is a great way to improve people’s lives.

Image Source: Wharton FinTech

Our Venture Partner Duygu Oktem Clark spoke with Sheel Mohnot of BTV…

Katrina Lake founded Stich Fix in 2011 while she was still in Harvard Business School despite all the people saying that her concept for Stich Fix was a bad business idea. Fast forward to 2020, Stich Fix’s market cap is more than $4B. Lake took the company to the public in just six years.

Katrina Lake ringing the NASDAQ bell with her son and her team. Photo: NASDAQ

Stitch Fix is a personal styling platform that delivers curated and personalized apparel and accessory items for women. It may sound like a personalized shopping subscription service which is true but Stich Fix is a data science company at its core. Lake explains Stich Fix in…

All Raise is a non-profit whose goal is to significantly increase the amount of seed through early-stage funding going to female founders from 11% to 23% by 2030 and to double the percentage of female decision-makers (e.g. checkwriters) at U.S. tech venture firms with > $25M AUM (assets under management) by 2028.

All Raise held its very much anticipated invitation-only VC Summit last week on October 27–28 and the theme was Forces of Nature. It was a virtual conference that hosted 700 investors. Duygu Oktem Clark, our Venture Partner and founder of DO Venture Partners, was one of the invitees…

It may be hard to believe that a programming language that debuted the same year Alaska became the 49th US state (1959) is still in heavy usage today, but it’s true. COBOL is a quiet powerhouse, driving trillions of dollars worth of financial transactions every day, among other data-heavy tasks.

Wherever you may land on the COBOL debate — should it stay or should it go — the fact is that for the foreseeable future, it’s here to stay. Read on to learn more about this inventive, powerful language, and the challenges facing the industries that rely on it.

What Is COBOL?


Nowadays, everybody is talking about GPT-3, San Francisco based OpenAI’s new language model. GPT stands for “generative pre-training transformer” and GPT-3 is the third iteration of this model which has 175 billion parameters — a big jump from its predecessor GPT-2 that has 1.5 billion parameters. Beta users are exploring use-cases to understand GPT-3’s capabilities and many use-cases have already gone viral on social media.

Duygu Oktem Clark, our Venture Partner and founder of DO Venture Partners spoke with Yigit Ihlamur, cofounder and General Partner of Vela Partners about GPT-3 including its effects on our lives and the worries about…

Due to Covid-19, a lot of events have been canceled or have been moved online. SaaStr Summit — The New in Venture Now was one of the online events that we were looking forward to because of the session topics which we’ll cover below. An event is a sub-event of SaaStr which is known as the biggest event in SaaS.

The New in Venture Now event was organized online on May 27, 2020 and hosted a great group of investors and entrepreneurs.

We enjoyed all the sessions but the few below were our favorite:

1- Seed Investing Today: What’s Changed…

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Early-Stage Investment Climate

We are facing a crisis that we never experienced at this scale before. COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly around the world and has brought unprecedented economic uncertainty across every sector.

The startup investments have been also affected due to COVID-19. In my opinion, there are three things to consider:

1- Investors are also human and they are worried about lives of their family, friends and people around them. Most of their mental power is consumed to figure this out like everybody else which means less time and effort for investing.



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