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At Maxitech we are working on finding solutions for our customers from various fields like banking, insurance, manufacturing and retail with our corporate innovation service.

Being in Silicon Valley for over 2.5 years, we inspired a lot from the ecosystem here, especially its fail-tolerant culture. That’s why we started to spend in-house efforts on experimenting with different product ideas based on lean product methodologies in Fall 2018. We aimed both to serve our customers in a different track and build global products. Now the time has come to announce that we are forming a more structured way of doing this: “Maxitech.Labs”

Fall in love with the problem, not with the solution.

- Marty Cagan, Inspired

We believe, starting from the problem is the best way to find the problem-solution fit rather than business ideas or technology. This approach especially leads the ideation phase to be more productive. Labs focuses on experimenting with different solutions for both consumer (also financial customers) and corporate (SMBs, startups, freelancers) problems.

The most important part of the process is the discovery where we conduct extensive user researches, both qualitative and quantitative, for better understanding of what the real pain points are. Once we find those out, we facilitate ideation sessions with a wide range of participants including product managers, developers, product designer, business developers and come up with a couple of proposed solutions.

Next comes the UX design where we take a human-centric approach. We create wireframes and pixel-perfect interactive prototypes without implementing any logic behind. Before diving deep into building an MVP, we conduct usability tests with prototypes and go through a couple of more iterations if needed to come up with the best solution possible.

Being backed by the largest software company in Turkey, we are capable of building solutions using almost any technology in a timely manner. This helps us work on multiple problems in parallel.

After building the MVP, we assess the solution for a couple of months and try to find the right product-market fit. It is equally important to decide on the relevant metrics for each solution, even before building the MVP, and to keep talking to your users after launching. Our ultimate aim is to found new spinoffs from Labs for the ideas that we are able to reach high rates of both growth and retention supported by a business model.

Every step in the process is designed to be fault tolerant and also prevents us from putting too much effort in the wrong direction.

Please don’t hesitate to reach us if you believe you have an intriguing problem but don’t have the necessary resources and stay tuned for the updates.

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