Maxitech at Money 20/20

Isbank and Clinc just revealed the Maxi product they have been developing for the mobile banking application of Isbank Turkey in Money 20/20 2018.

Isbank, who has been defining digital banking in Turkey, from being the first to bring the ATM technology to Turkey, to releasing the first mobile banking application, holds the belief that the future of banking experience lies in natural language processing. They have been searching for the correct partner and the right tool to build an experience based on natural dialogs. As Maxitech, we have brought the Finie product of Clinc to their attention, tailored Finie for Isbanks needs in a POC project that demonstrated its capabilities in a tangible result. Isbank, as a result of this POC project, decided to have this product implemented first in its own mobile banking application, then other digital touch points.

We have trained Finie so now in addition to its native English language, it has full Turkish language capabilities. In Money 20/20 demonstration, natural language properties of Maxi were highlighted. Eren (the demonstrator) asked questions to Maxi in a day-to-day language, where no specific syntax was involved. First he asked the question “How much have I spent lately?” to which Maxi has responded with a pie chart of all the categories of items and services he has in the last 3 months. Then he followed up with “Can you list the 10 highest restaurant expenses I has made in the last year?” and “How much can I spend for a nice dinner?”, all of which in Turkish and in a natural spoken language.

We believe we have just scratched the surface of what we can do with Finie, and are planning to keep working on it to create the banking experience of the digital age. Also during this project, Softtech (the Technology affiliate of Isbank) and Maxitech has become partners with Clinc in order to further develop the technology itself and expand the reach of the technology.

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