The Continued Need For COBOL Developers

What Is COBOL?

COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language. The Department of Defense (DoD) developed ths high-level language for building business systems, and 60 years later, it’s still prominent throughout the world.

Why Is COBOL Still Common?

COBOL is limited versus the common programming languages of today. It doesn’t allow for dynamic memory allocation or recursion, or easily access base features of the OS or a particular computer architecture. It’s not the ideal choice for writing a compiler.

Who Is Using COBOL?

When it comes to financial institutions, the better question might be who isn’t using COBOL. Around 220 billion lines of COBOL code run about 80 percent of in-person financial services transactions and 95 percent of ATM swipes, according to recent studies.

Where Is COBOL Heading?

Given that the language is 60 years old and its inventors have long since passed away, you might expect that if COBOL is heading anywhere, it’s surely the trash heap. If so, you’d be wrong.

Do You Need Help Maintaining Your COBOL System?

Maxitech connects talented COBOL professionals to businesses relying on COBOL to power crucial functions. Our team of engagement managers and developers can help you scale and achieve maximum value from your investment in COBOL. Reach out today to learn more!



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